Child Sponsorship

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Sponsor a child today and provide them with live-saving care in our malnutrition home, a smooth transition into our recovery home where they are enrolled in school, as well as simultaneous training, education,  and resource distribution for their families.

What makes our sponsorship program unique?


Extensive medical


Our children come to us incredibly sick and usually on the brink of death. This often requires transferring him or her to a higher level of care in the city. Even after immediate recovery, many children have diseases or complications that require continued follow-up care and medication as well as potential rehospitalization, which can become a very expensive cycle.


Specialized nutritional supplements 

In addition to receiving three carefully balanced meals per day and daily vitamins, our severely malnourished children receive specialized nutritional supplements referred to as RUSF (Ready-to Use Supplemental Food). They are specially formulated and nutritionally concentrated packets of food that aid in our kids' recovery from malnutrition.


Parental Training and resource distribution

Because our ultimate goal is always to reunite families who can provide a safe environment for their children, parents and family members receive education, training, and resources through our community program classes while their children live with us in our children's homes. 


100% of your Donation goes toward your child 

Many other sponsorship programs through larger organizations have hefty overhead costs and expenses that your sponsorship dollars end up covering in part. Here at To Cry For Grace, 100% of your donation dollars go toward the care of your child and the programs that help empower their families. 

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Currently, the cost to sponsor one child for a month is $96. If you wish to sponsor a child, simply click the button below and check "Make this a monthly donation".  A child sponsorship is either $96/month (full sponsorship) or $48/month (half sponsorship). Monthly contributions do require a PayPal account but they are easy and free to create! 

Disclaimer: All donations are processed through the Oakfield Seventh-day Adventist Church  for the sole reason of giving donors tax benefits, but all donations are managed solely by To Cry For Grace and go directly toward these projects. 


Give a child and their family the opportunity to live, and to live abundantly.