We are busting at the seams in our current facilities, so our next step is to relocate and build larger buildings in one central location. We have purchased a large, beautiful plot of land, but still have about one third of the cost remaining to pay off. The land is perfect for cultivating, is right on the shore, and it will be a flatter, safer environment for our kids to run and play when they are able.

Amount Remaining: PAID

Land Purchase

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Our project is located on the island of Idjwi which is a seven hour boat ride to the city of Goma on the mainland of DRC. When a medical emergency arises for any of our children and he or she needs to be transferred to a higher level of care, they are at the mercy of rigid and often unreliable boat transport schedules and long boat rides. For some of our kids, it has costed them their lives. We wish to purchase a very basic used motorboat (including cost of shipment) to remedy this devastating reality.

Amount Remaining: ~$25,000

Boat Purchase

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We currently have two small homes and a clinic that are all quite far away from each other. With over 85 children living in our homes, it is time to rebuild larger facilities. Our new plans will start with two much larger children's homes and will include a large separate kitchen, large separate bathrooms, a mess hall, a cabana, and a long fence to enclose the property. Our cost also includes extensive earthwork and preparation of the land.

Amount Remaining: $346,000

Construction of Homes


As with any project, we do encounter large additional expenses not included in our monthly operational budget. This often includes expenses for maintenance and repairs, children's surgeries, special events for our kids, medical emergencies, etc. These are most often unforeseen and unpredictable, thus it is important for us to have money set aside for these costs when they arise.

Amount Remaining: Varies

Other Large Expenses

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