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Building Project

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Our current homes are rented and failing.

Holes in the roof, flooding during heavy rains, broken doors; those are just a few of our issues. Perhaps the most pressing issue that we face though is that we have simply outgrown our facilities and we do not have space for all the kids in our care. With often up to eight kids sleeping in one full-size bed, we don’t have room to accept new children into our program, but if we turn them away, we essentially are letting them die.

We have plans for two 14 bedroom children's homes, a detached kitchen, a large bath house, a dining hall, and a small pavillion. We have worked with different suppliers and determined the most quality, cost-effective construction plan possible.

But the price tag still comes in at approximately $345,000.

Help us conquer this financial giant!

Extra Expenses

As with any project, we do encounter large additional expenses not included in our monthly operational budget. This often includes expenses for maintenance and repairs, children's surgeries, special events for our kids, medical emergencies, etc. These are most often unforeseen and unpredictable, thus it is important for us to have money set aside for these costs when they arise.

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