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Finding a Safe Place


Our malnutrition home is a safe haven for children who have known suffering most, if not all, of their lives. It is designed to temporarily take in those children who are severely malnourished and who need immediate intervention for the sake of their survival.

Children living in our malnutrition home receive the very best care including:

  • Three balanced meals per day

  • Specially formulated nutritional food supplements (RUSF)

  • Daily medical assessments performed by our doctor

  • Extensive medical treatment

  • Proper hygiene care

  • Worship and recreation time

  • The love and nuturing of house mothers who care about them deeply

Once our children have recovered from acute severe malnutrition, they then move into our recovery home, where they remain until it is determined that they can safely return to their families.


Children living in our recovery home continue to receive high-quality 24/7 care including:

  • Three balanced meals per day

  • Necessary continued medical care

  • Enrollment in school (including their own individual uniform and supplies​)

  • Proper hygiene care

  • Worship and recreation time​​

  • Designated chores and responsibilities to foster good work ethic and cleanliness


Give a child and their family the opportunity to live, and to live abundantly, while gaining the opportunity to connect with your child, through our new interactive portal!

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