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Ways to Support Us Financially

There are many ways of donating, but no matter the method, 100% of donations go directly toward our projects! All donations are processed through the Oakfield Seventh-day Adventist Church  for the sole reason of giving donors tax benefits, but all donations are managed solely by To Cry For Grace and go directly toward these projects. 

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child today and provide them with live-saving care in our malnutrition home, a smooth transition into our recovery home where they will be enrolled in school, as well as simultaneous training, education,  and resource distribution for their families.


Make a One-Time Donation Online

As we continue to grow and accept more children into our homes, as well as serve more and more families, our  needs also expand.  Donate online by clicking on the button below or first check out our current needs and our latest projects.  

Send a Check

Those who prefer to send a check, may do so by making it out to the Oakfield SDA Church, being sure to write, "To Cry For Grace" on the memo line. Checks may be sent to the following address:    Oakfield Seventh-day Adventist Church

20 Wapati Road, Mt. Chase, ME 04765

Support Us By Spreading the Word

Tell your family and friends about us and follow us on facebook! 

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Support Us  In Prayer

Above any other means of help that you could offer, prayer is the most important. Please pray for the children and that this project will not only help to meet their physical needs, but also reach deeper and introduce them to a God who loves them and offers hope. Thank you so much!